Re: Started new OnStep hardware design

George Cushing

I agree. Every spin off design creates all kinds of implementation issues that have to be raised, understood and resolved that take time from the good working designs. Reinventing the wheel is great. Just got through a tome that included a discussion of the evolution of the wheel from the good old three planker to the light four spoke chariot model. I'm sure we could spend days discussing the correct nave boxing for days.

I think the Instein controller is a good example of group resources  wasted. Now Roman Hujer is obsessively designing circuits and such but he isn't asking the group to support them. Every new design that requires support means work for the folks trying to maintain the code. I've done enough coding to be dangerous, but know that every program is like a house of cards, pull one out at your risk of starting at line one again.

Someone's great idea may mean hours of unneeded software maintenance for unpaid volunteers. 

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