Re: Duplicate Boards everywhere #wemos

Chip Louie

I bought some of these from a vendor here and had issues, they didn't work or were flaky. Then I looked for genuine WeMos d1 minis images and found they were clones. I then went online and looked at the circuit boards of the authentic WeMos d1 mini boards (which BTW are long since discontinued thought still available) and they are different from all of the clones. I found a vendor who sells the authentic boards and asked the vendor to confirm they are authentic WeMos manufactured boards and to send a photo of the actual boards they sell. They were authentic and when I received them they dropped in and worked perfectly. I tossed to fake boards. Yes they cost me twice as much as the clones but they work perfectly and are reliable.

Don't buy clone boards it is not worth the trouble and frustration, most of the problems not caused by incorrect assembly or poor soldering are caused by these clone boards. 


Chip Louie, Chief Daydreamer Imagination Hardware

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