Re: SHC WiFi still looking for OnStep

Glenn Sammes

Same here,

Be patient. After the splash screen…

Display shows Starting WIFI: ONSTEP…Restart WIFI: Failed

This loop repeats for me at around 10 second intervals.

Then ….after 1-3 minutes or so you get… connecting   Looking for OnStep    connection O.K.

All is good from there.

Black pill STM32F303CC and ESP32 WR00M-32s as the wSHC. Latest firmware on all.

OnStep great on Bl(ack)(ue) pill.

I am still puzzled as to why the connection takes so long?

Proximity makes no difference. I can have the wSHC 1 meter or 20 meters away from the “Pill / scope”.

Stellarium and SWS from the lappy are instant. Android app takes a couple of seconds to connect.

I have breadboarded 2 examples of wSHC and the behaviour is identical.

The boot state of the “blue pill” makes no difference. Freshly booted or just repeat connection attempts act the same.

I expect the wSHC to connect within a couple of seconds. The variable “minutes” wait time renders it not of much use

Over using the laptop or the simple hand controller.

PUZZLED as to why? You bet I am!






From: <> On Behalf Of dougslife@...
Sent: Sunday, 30 January 2022 6:30 AM
Subject: [onstep] SHC WiFi still looking for OnStep


Dear Group,

I just flashed my STM32 SHC to main branch 3.02e to get in on the Wifi option. So much looking forward to running a wireless handset. Thank you very much!

But I may have overstretched my capabilities as I'm stuck with the SHC looking for OnStep when I power it up via the USB port, and I don't know how to investigate further. I'm just looking at it looking for Onstep with no line how to help.

My BluePill OnStep controller is running fine nearby and I can connect to it on Wifi via Skysafari as usual. The SSID is still ONSTEP and the password is still password, same as in the default extended config.h.

The SHC connects fine on ST4 cable.

Could someone please give me some hints how to investigate what's going on?

Thanks in advance,


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