Re: WeMos D1 Mini Pro

Glenn Sammes


Only trying to help Mark, not start WW3.

The VID /  PID shown indicates VID 2341 . A device from Arduino SA. PID 0043 is a Uno R3 (CDC ACM).

Just tells me the USB to UART device has worked and the Arduino IDE has reached the target device as above.

Nothing to do with an ESP Device /  product.

Arduino IDE runs as an application on the Operating System. If the OS cannot connect to the device using its (the OS) drivers that rely on VID / PID in part to determine

which drivers to load to use the USB port…FTDI CH340 or CP210X then no go.

No USB to UART serial working then no talk to device on the UART end.


Mark! What do you see in Device Manager for your device? Com?



Let us leave this alone.





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On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 08:55 PM, Glenn Sammes wrote:

The response is from the SIL CP210x device on the USB port.

No, it is not. It is the response from the device the Arduino IDE is attempting to upload to, here is one that responds:

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