Should i change my mottors? #wemos #fysetc #EQ3 #S6 #wifi

Juan Sebastian

Hi guys,

the last year i manage to build my onstep on a exos nano eq3, it is working wooooonderfull for AP, but now i decided to change the mount to something bigger EQ5 (and be able to add a bigger guidescope and scope in the future) 

This is the question, i saw that sometimes my mottors stall (when i slew over 3.0 deg/sec or when the telescope isnt well balanced) seems like a lack o force i currently have TMC2130 drivers with a 12v 5A laptop adapter and:
  • x2 STEPPERONLINE 0.9deg Nema 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar 0.9A 36Ncm/ 42x42x39mm 4-wires -> LINK
since im thinking in a bigger scope should i change the mottors for :
Option 1 2A 0.9deg
Option 2 1.68A 0.9deg

Or the lack of force is coming from the drivers? should i change them for TMC5160?

Should i change both drivers and motors?

Thanks for your replies

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