Onstep Fine tuning

Gerry Byrne

Got my my Onstep FYSTETC S6 V2 functioning, to a point. A few things are not right.

1. The system is reluctant to do initialisations in daytime and I usually kick start trials by manually orienting the Dobsonian 8 inch to the Sun (using, of course, a proper solar filter) and syncing from there.
2. Tracking is not accurate and the sun rapidly drifts out of view.

I am re-configuring Onstep and re-installing it (including reversing one of the axes) to see if that improves things.

However I notice a peculiar thing. Despite selecting (and uploading)  my correct Lat and Long for Balbriggan, just north of Dublin, Ireland, what appears to be a much more southerly latitude appears on the top of the initialisation window (see attached photo). It reads 35 degrees 50 minutes and 29 seconds. Could it be that Onstep is assuming that is my  correct Latitude. I cannot see anything which may correspond to Longitude. Could this explain my anomalies? And if so, how might I correct it?



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