Re: OnStep final installation mystery

Robert Benward

The last picture is best, BUT you must connect the two ground systems together!!!  Put the two supplies next to each other and run a ground between them.  Make sure the supplies are isolated!!  Keep all those components close to each other and the supplies, and then run longer wires to the stepper motors.  What kind of supplies are these?  Molded case (like a laptop supply), or metal framed OEM style?

Always best to run from each load directly to the power supply to be safe.  There are times when you don't need to worry about creating a ground loop, but there isn't enough room on this page to give you all the acceptable cases and why.

Ground loops happen when there is sufficient current on the ground wire such that there is a voltage drop on it.  So, the ground over here, is not at the same potential as the ground over there.    Two components that share/need a common reference ground/potential will not have the same reference potential.  And then the problems come...
Are your stepper drivers not mounted on your MaxESP board? How does the drive signals get to your drivers?  Where is the ground reference for those signals?? When you pull components apart, you can create these wiring problems and resulting in ground loops, especially if the separated components draw significant current.

It's all about the planning.


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