Nema 23 Motor Driver Options

Peter Boreland

Currently I am successfully driving a smaller nema23 motor using the TMC5160. I have set the IRUN current to 1800mA. I'm not sure this is a valid value for the particular driver, or even the correct value for a Nema 23 motor?

The motor is connected inline with the Dec worm on Losmandy G11. This arrangement works OK, but I have to  keep the slew rate quite low else the motors stalls, or looses steps. I have also set the Slew_Accerelartion_Distance = 35. Further, the motor also does not like run slowly and sometimes judders and/or looses steps at the end of the slew cycle. Not so while tracking. It works OK.

The telescope weights in at around 75 lbs. The motor has 400 steps and is microstepped 16/32. Both work. 

I think I'm pushing the limits of what is doable with the TMC5160, and I would like a higher slew rate. I was thinking of using and exterior motor driver. StepperOnline has this one available that connects to the back of the motor:

To use this I would have to use step/dir signals. I already do the for a Clearpath servo motor I have connected directly to the Ra worm. Its works great, but it is an expensive motor. 

Any advise or related experience with this style of exterior motor driver would be appreciated.


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