Re: Micro Stepping

Johnnie Pattison

I am using 400 step motors. My setup is Celestron AGT 72/16 gearing. Wemos + CNC V3 with LV 8729 driver's and 32 microsteps. My scope is a GSO 6" f/4 reflector with ZWO mini filter wheel, Starizona Nexus Coma Corrector, NEMA 17 in custom bracket for auto focusing. ZWO mini scope and ZWO 178mm guide cam. It all comes out to 7.3kg or 16lbs. When calibrating for guiding, the scope is perfect West, East and North, but south keeps going north no matter what I do. I Polar align with Sharp Cap. I'm pretty anal about it. I try to get under 5 seconds of error or better. 

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