Re: Slew Speed


Yes, taken that we have similar setup, I can confirm You that with your current setup (MCU, gear ratio and motors) and with SQUARE wave form these are expected max GoTo speed:

1/128 microstepping = max goto speed ~1.75 deg/sec
1/64  microstepping = max goto speed ~2.5 deg/sec
1/32  microstepping = max goto speed ~5 deg/sec

With PULSE waveform just multiply further by factor of 1.6. So you have options: first to change STEP_WAVE_FORM to PULSE and then to reduce microstepping if you need even greather speed.

And one more thing, for drivers which supports native 1/256 interpolation there is no practical benefits from going more than 1/32 microstepping, but I think LV8729 are not capable of that. For otpimal speed vs resolution you should switch to 0.9 deg/step motors and drivers which supports interpolation for instance TMC2209 which you then run in smaller microstepping mode like 1/32...

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