Re: TMC2209 V3.1 V3.0 and whatever did I order #tmc2209


If pinmap displayed on that picture is correct, it corresponds to version 3.1. Here are the differences:

Fysetc TMC2209 v3.0:

I am using them now. They can be used only in standalone mode. In my Ramps build they work excellent. But with MaxESP3, since their configuration pins ar tied together (MS1 and MS2) they can only use fixed microstepping mode. With some modifications of the pinmap and hardware you may be actually able to split them and connect to different MCU pins to use different microstepping for GoTo and tracking, but this is considered to be dificult or you will have some tradeoffs. On the other hand, their SP pin is separated so decay mode can be properly configured in standalone mode (_QUIET or STEALTHCHOP/SPREADCYCLE). Overall they are good, quiet, cold, powerful and reliable. Good choice.

Fysetc TMC2209 v3.1:
As far as I know, this will work only in OnStepX and only in UART mode. For MaxESP3 some modifications may be required (please check OnStepX development subgroup). This is new feature and not well tested yet, but it should allow one to use full potential of these drivers: dynamic microstepping and decay mode, software current control, possibly error reporting, I am not sure. Problem with standalone mode is that they do not have speparate SP pin to controll decay mode but they may work otherwise.

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