Re: microstep mode switch with TMC drivers...

Howard Dutton

On Sun, May 8, 2022 at 12:48 PM, Ken Hunter wrote:

On the Amazon TB6600 driver (which is actually using a TB67S109AFTG
Driver module to get 32 uSteps) I can switch from 32 to 8 uSteps by 
supplying 5V logic high to the M2 switch contact. How can I find a suitable
point on a MaxESP3 board for Axis 1 & 2 to get that signal during slewing?
Configure OnStep for the MaxESP3 like its has S109 drivers in axis1 and 2.

Change the pinmap as required so M2/CS (the dedicated unique pin) is mapped to the MS2 (M1 in OnStep lingo) pin for the driver (the only one that changes state between 8x and 32x modes.)

Whatever voltage level requirements etc. are needed for those pins interfacing directly to the drivers will need to be looked after.

// Axis1 RA/Azm step/dir driver
#define Axis1_EN             12     // Enable
#define Axis1_M0             13     // Microstep Mode 0 or SPI MOSI
#define Axis1_M1             23     // Microstep Mode 1 or SPI SCK (was 14 but is now the Axis1 CS pin)
#define Axis1_M2             14     // Microstep Mode 2 or SPI CS (was 23)
#define Axis1_M3           Aux2     // SPI MISO/Fault
#define Axis1_STEP           18     // Step
#define Axis1_DIR             0     // Dir
#define Axis1_DECAY    Axis1_M2     // Decay mode
#define Axis1_HOME         Aux3     // Sense home position

// Axis2 Dec/Alt step/dir driver
#define Axis2_EN         SHARED     // Enable pin control shared with Axis1
#define Axis2_M0             13     // Microstep Mode 0 or SPI MOSI
#define Axis2_M1              5     // Microstep Mode 1 or SPI SCK (was 14 but is now the Axis2 CS pin)
#define Axis2_M2             14     // Microstep Mode 2 or SPI CS (was 5)
#define Axis2_M3           Aux2     // SPI MISO/Fault
#define Axis2_STEP           27     // Step
#define Axis2_DIR            26     // Dir
#define Axis2_DECAY    Axis2_M2     // Decay mode
#define Axis2_HOME         Aux4     // Sense home position

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