Re: TMC5160 substitute?


You are free to configure OnStep to do what you will with it though, and it can do that kind of thing AFAIK.  How you map those features onto the available otherwise unused pins/connections of a MaxSTM3.6 is up to you.

The STM32F411 can step at 62.5 KHz in square wave mode (best for external stepper drivers.)  That's enough for about 1.75 deg/s in 64x microstep mode in your case, I believe.  Or double that speed (3.5 deg/s) in 32x mode and that's without mode switching.  Naturally that doesn't mean the motors/drive are capable of reaching those speed
Thanks Howard, I think that the above is beyond my abilities as I have been out of the game, retired for 20 years now.  Since TMC5160s are not available, my progress has stopped, so I will have to look for another option.  

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