Setting the tracking rate


Hi all,

I am still learning to interface/use my brand new OnStep-Controller, build with the STM32 Blue Pill, F103. After first unsuccessful steps, I have some questions maybe someone knows the answer:

This is my setup:

EQ-6 mount
RaspberryPi running IndigoSky
Connected using devUSB0 to OnStep

I additionally connected using the OnStep-App on my phone, there I can see and control everything, park, unpark, goto. All seems to work.

I found the buttons to adjust the tracking rate, I tested it, but rate did not change, the rate is always 60.164 Hz in sidereal. Is there a configuration switch to disable this feature? I disconnected the IndigoSky by disconnecting the USB cable, but the behaviour is always the same. The rate does not change!

Someone knows the answer?

Best regards


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