Re: Setting the tracking rate


Thanx Mike, I will check this out :-)

Am 14.05.2022 um 18:38 schrieb Mike Ahner:

On Sat, May 14, 2022 at 07:31 AM, Merowinger wrote:
If the EEPROM on the DS3231 is not working properly, will this result in the behaviour? How can I test the EEPROM?
Because the STM32F103/303 micros do not have onboard EEPROM, if the DS3231 isn't working, OnStep won't boot.

There are some test utilities in the Files section under STM32, there is one specifically for testing the EEPROM.

With the Blue Pill, normally you will not need to change the master clock, the Blue Pill is fairly accurate. But enable PPS in the Config.h file and OnStep will correct the clock with the temperature-compensated RTC of the DS3231.


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