RA axis not returning home position (frst tests)

Nino Garcia

Hello everybody,
I finally have the whole Onstep system implemented and I am doing the first tests to check if the axes move correctly. I'm a beginner and I'm going to try to make the first goto
From the home position I try to make an alignment to a star, at the moment I don't care about the precision, I just want to see if the axes are moving in the direction of the star.
The DEC axis seems to be moving in the right direction and when I click on return home the dec axis returns perfectly to the initial 90º position.
The RA axis I am not sure if it is moving in the correct position but when I click on return home the axis does not return to its initial position, I have tried with both options axis reverse direction OFF and ON and when I return to initial position the RA axis does not move.

Any help wil be much appreciated

Best regards

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