Re: Flashing Help: Failed to Connect to ESP32: Timed Out Waiting for Packet Header #esp32


Thanks to all for all the help. Pulling the shield from the D1 R32 was the key I needed to flash the board, and getting the pinmap right was the second main problem.  Once there, with the ability to flash, I found a few other problems with my config.h, such as being set up for GEM mode rather than Alt/Az.  Some other small stuff like that was tweaked and it seems to be working.  I think I have it fixed now, and have the ability to update and re-flash as needed. 

Now I need to adjust my drive ratio on my Az axis to at least double the speed. It's way too slow, and I have plenty of torque to go faster.  I also need to rebuild my Alt drive mount.  I'm getting too much flex in the plastic bracket.  I'm going to re-design it to be MUCH stiffer, and maybe make it out of wood or metal.  Plenty to do, and very little time before the weather really gets nice.  Thanks again, and I'll try to document this once I have it fully functioning!

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