MaxSTM(SMT) Overheating | Roman Hujer, Не могли бы вы помочь? Или поделиться своей электронной почтой?



I wanted to build my own 3D printed equatorial mount, so I decided to use 100:1 gear reduction motors for my RA/DEC axis. The system was pretty much the same as built by Roman Hujer.

I had MaxSTM (SMT) boards but I believe I've burnt all of them (processor gets the correct volts). The problem was faulty stepper driver which was drawing extra current. As soon as I'd connect the stepper driver, 3.3V voltage regulator would heat up and its dead!

My questions are:

  1. Can I order STM32 BlackPill (SMD) microcontroller online and resolder it to get the boards working?
  2. My motors are rated for 1.3A amperes. Can MaxSTM (SMT) support such motors? Should they work?

Motors: 42byg Stepper Motor 40mm Body Length With 3.71:1~139:1 Ratio Nema17 Planetary Gear Stepping Motor With Gearbox - Dc Motor - AliExpress

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