Re: MaxSTM(SMT) Overheating | Roman Hujer, Не могли бы вы помочь? Или поделиться своей электронной почтой?


I powered on board 3/4 and the processor died instantly, I couldn't understand anything. (Status LED won't turn on as well). The first thing that'd overheat before each board's death would be the 3.3V voltage regulator.

So I took out board 4/4 and along with soldering headers, I removed removed the 3.3V regulator and soldered a new one which I bought locally(Both had 1A rating).

Now this board worked fine, I had my finger on the processor all the time. I connected stepper driver one and it was good. As soon as I connected the second driver, it started to overheat rapidly. I mean very rapidly!

So I pulled that driver out and it was back to normal temp. I tried to limit the current by reducing Vref on driver and connected it again, it overheated! I pulled the driver out maybe a second late but before I could do that board was damaged.

Damaged in a way that it works fine, only the processor maintains high temperature of 80-90 degrees.

(I had 4 boards in total. Board 2/4 died when I connected an Asus 19V 45W wall brick, even though 5V voltage regulator hadn't been connected yet, a flash ran through the Status and Power LEDs, they turned on for a second and it was dead.) 

To answer your questions precisely:

  1. I think bad stepper driver is to be blamed.
  2. The 3.3V regulator which I bought locally work fine. The one that came pre-soldered they died every time.
  3. The processor for board 3/4 died in an instant. The processor for board 4/4 heats up.

IRUN Current = 600

TMC2130 Vref = 1.15

Also when the processor was fine, onstep app would not allow alignment, it'd say "Hardware Fault." And the status tab would show "Motor/Driver" fault.

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