Re: 4.24q will not run

Jamie Flinn

I have found this is an issue with Arduino + STMCubeProgrammer vs compiling the code - I had a nice working bin file from late Feb and it seems that is the last time I have been able to compile and load successfully - either using windows and the DFU on the astroberry to flash the BIN or direct from windows all LOOKS good but it will not run and create the needed serial I flipped BACK to my trusty MKS GenL2.1 and was able to install 4.24q without issue - so for now the S6 will be on the shelf until I can figure our what changed (most likely some updated Arduino library I did not see)

So running fine on MKS and will be testing to see if this version solves my critically weird guiding issues  ( after flip it seemed that the motion suddenly has no backlash and the BL values cause ping pong behavior - I have caught this ALSO with out a flip but after some slewing - and physically testing the gears I see nothing that can cause this - looking at the 4.24 changes in guide.ini I think this will help of the rates got screwed up....)

Will update if successful

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