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Howard Dutton

On Tue, May 17, 2022 at 04:49 AM, dougthomas408-1@... wrote:
I have a question and a problem. 
QUESTION: Can you use Onstep just for the focuser? That is, if I disconnect the RA/Dec motors will it still connect and run the focuser?

PROBLEM: I am having some trouble with my Onstep setup. I have motors and drivers for RA/Dec and Sky planetarium is able to connect to Onstep and move the motors; however, I cannot get the focuser to run. Sharpcap and APT will both connect to the focuser; however, neither are able to actually move the focuser motor. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you.
Make sure you start tracking (or an align) so OnStep enables the motors, even if there is no mount this is needed.

NOTES: Note that the RA/Dec motors are not moving properly, but I am only interested in using this as a focuser, if possible. I also cannot get it to connect to Onstep for Android, but I am able to connect my other Onstep setup. So, something is amiss. I have tried two different WeMos boards and CNC V3 shields. Note that when I first wired this setup, I forgot to remove that transistor from the CNC V3 Shield with both sets. I assume that this did not damage anything, but I could be wrong.
Its a resistor you cut off and I doubt you damaged anything.  Also be sure the jumper is installed that brings the direction signal to the driver for that socket ("Z" axis.)  Its shown in our CNC3 Wiki in an image.

The motor and driver for the focuser both work, as I connected it to the RA axis to test it.
     Power supply: 12 volts connected to Wemos board and connected to CNC V3 shield
     Board: WeMos R32 with CNC V3 Shield
     Note: Jumpers installed for motor drivers and the transistor has been removed from the shield. No other hardware wiring/alterations.
Focuser Setup:
     Stepper driver: LV8729 4-layer PCB Driver, max driver current of 1.8A
     Motors: Nema 17 Stepper Motor 1.5A 12V 45Ncm ( 4-Lead. 1.8 degree
     Microsteps 128
That's a LOT of microsteps for a focuser or a mount for that matter.  Make sure its not moving so slowly you don't notice.

RA/DEC setup:
     Stepper driver: A4988
     Motors: Nema 17 Unipolar Stepper Motor 12VDC, 0.4A (wired as bipolar)
     Microsteps 16
Arduino IDE setup

I have this file listed in "additional boards manager URL":
I am using "ESP32 dev module" for the board. 
ESP32 version 1.0.4 is installed
Yea that looks like the correct ESP32 library.

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