Re: Sudden dead stop while slewing

Peter Boreland

@George I do not think it is thermal related. I can immediatly slew the scope again after the slew stops. No delay. Also the current reading while skewing at speed is relatively low, around 300mA per axis. Does the regulator recover that quickly, would not the whole Onstep controller shut down?

What mechanism is at play that stops the slew other than the regulator? I would assume the drivers, but it stops in both channels, not just the one. Bob, I've not found where I can read the SPI status info. Yes I have status enabled.   No whining from the motors, they run very quietly.  I was running at 24V but dropped down to 18V.  I put down the power supply down somewhere in the house and now cannot find it😖

Incidently, the slew rate of 7 degrees/sec is just an arbitrary limit. I see no reason, other than the sudden stop, for it not to go faster. I just need to change the config settings. Thinking 10 to 15 degrees/sec. Might be worth a video. This is testimony to the direct drive nema23 setup (motor directly driving my worms on my Losmandy G11).   I also got down to total 0.36" rms guiding error a couple of nights ago, so I'm confident in this setup delivering very high performance, all while carrying a 12" Newtonian plus associated imaging gear (75lbs or so).  I just love Onstep.


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