Re: opinion on rebuild mini pcb 2 #mini

George Cushing

I suppose you could produce a smaller PCB than Roman's EQ-6 Lite. Howard's MiniPCB1 remains a viable design, accepts the Teensy 4.0 and is still the smallest single board OnStep controller. It's about 20mm less wide and 7mm shorter that the MiniPCB2. It's not a SMD design, so you'd have to assemble it or have it assembled for you. You, could of course, redesign it for SMD, but there are only 13 passive devices. However, there are 23 or so connectors and jumpers whose plastic would not survive the reflow oven.

The MiniPCB1 is on the left, Roman Hujer's D1 R32 OnStep shield on the right. Roman's OnStep EQ-6 Lite is about 13nn longer than the MiniPBC1.

In the day circuits like the MiniPCB1 were assembled by automation. Pick and place robots would mount the components and the board was placed over a tray of molten solder. A wave would be created in the tray that washed over the underside of the board to fasten the components.

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