Re: Guiding Problems with PHD2 and OnStep

Chris Whitener

A month or so ago I thought I had a PHD2 problem in the new OnStepX version.  I had just done my third conversion. This time an AVX.  I turned on debug and watched all the pulse commands going to the mount during calibration and then during tracking.  
What I learned is the pulses are uniform.  based on the setting you put into PHD2.  in my case 0.5ms.  If it needs to move further to catch a star it issues more pulses.  in my case the pulse stays the same.

There were many things wrong with my AVX.  The clutch on dec was wobbling. the hand screws to hold down the OTA were bad. The end play on the worm gear was very loose.  And the pulley I was using was the wrong pitch.  Before I blame celestron,  I must admit that this mount had fallen off a truck and I payed almost nothing for it.

Given that your EQ5 mount is probably one of the most successfully converted mounts used in OnStep land, I would ask some kind soul on this forum who has this mount to reach out with either help or tips and best practice.

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