Re: Fysetc S6 V2 with OnstepX

Johnnie Pattison

This is the GPS portion of the OnstepX config. Like I said earlier, I did not move any hardware from where it was when running Onstep 4.24r. 

// TIME AND LOCATION ---------------------------------------------- see
#define TIME_LOCATION_SOURCE          GPS //    OFF, DS3231 (I2c,) DS3234 (Spi,) TEENSY (T3.2 internal,) or GPS source.       Option
                                          //         Provides Date/Time, and if available, PPS & Lat/Long also.
#define TIME_LOCATION_PPS_SENSE       HIGH //    OFF, HIGH senses PPS (pulse per second,) signal rising edge, or use LOW for   Option
                                          //         falling edge, or use BOTH for rising and falling edges.
                                          //         Better tracking accuracy especially for Mega2560's w/ceramic resonator.
#define SERIAL_GPS              Serial3
#define SERIAL_GPS_BAUD         9600                                               

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