Re: Initial OnstepX download error

Robert Benward

Hi Howard,
That was an improvement,  I now get no errors when upload/compiling. All my Aux highside/lowside drivers show up in the "aux" tab.   Making progress! 

But, I still have the axis1&2 communications error, as show in the previous post..  Drivers are not working.   I am using the QHV5160, but I don't believe there is any difference from the TMC5160 communications wise, I believe it's a VM voltage rating thing.  It works fine with the 4.24C SW load.  I am looking in the config file but I can't find anything that might be causing the failure.

Also, The hand controller pops up in the 10x mode, but that is probably my fault, I customized the guide "speeds" in the SHC SW.

A couple of questions:
  • When I add a second MCP23017, does the addressing continue to GPIO (16...31)? How do I guarantee the correct order between the two devices?
  • When there is a conflict in "#define" between the config.h and the pinmap file, which takes precedence?


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