Goto Failed in Standby

Joy Clarke

Hi, Background: My scope is a GSO 12" Dob that I have added 2 nema23 stepper motors to the mount which run along timing belting, one for alt and one for az. I am trialling a goto system from Byers using the OnStep firmware and I connect to the system via wifi.

Tried using the "goto" command in the OnStep app and got the "Goto failed in standby" message. I followed the solution given by a Group member previously i.e. "press the [at home (reset)] button. I had the stepper motors off the belting and they worked when I selected the "goto" command. Put the motors back onto the belting and tried the "goto" again but got the "goto failed in standby" message again. So I went through the process again of "resetting" etc and even turned the whole system off and on again. Did the "reset" again but each time I tried after this I keep getting the "goto failed in standby" message and obviously the mount doesn't move. Any suggestions.?


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