WeMos R32/CNC v3 LV8729 Focuser

Johnnie Pattison

So, I'm getting a new mount, and because I like Onstep so much, I decided to build a stand alone focuser for it. I have built 2 Onstep mounts with focusing and not had any issues. This time however...
I took the code from my CNCv3/LV8729 setup and started with new hardware. Set the code to track on startup, and left all Axis OFF except Focuser 1. Added an ESP WIFI module and everything works. The issue is that when I turn the focuser off, and back on, it resets to position 0. I have gone through the code of all 3 setups and can't figure out why it doesn't save the position between reboots. Fault WIFI module? 

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