Re: FYSETC_S6 Bootloader

Mike Ahner

Hi Robert,

In the Wiki for the S6, you'll information under the Software section. According to the wiki, you only need to edit the local bat file on your computer, not the hex file.

Wiki page:

Important: On Windows, the STM32Duino package uses a script to call the STM32CubeProgrammer in command-line mode to perform the actual upload. This script contains an incorrect address for the code segment start address (its probably correct for some boards but not the FYSETC S6). Currently the only way to change this to the correct value is to edit the script according to these instructions:

  • locate the file stm32CubeProg.bat. It should be at ~AppData\Local\Arduino15\Packages\STM32\Tools\STM32tools\1.4.0\tools\win\STM32CubeProg.bat but if the location changes in the future due to package updates you may need to search for it starting at ~\AppData\Local\Arduino15.
  • Open the file in your favorite editor
  • Change the value on the 'SET ADDRESS' line from 0x8000000 to 0x8010000
  • Save and exit

WARNING: If you fail to update the start address in the stm32CubeProg.bat script after STM32Duino package installation OR updating you will corrupt the bootloader on the board. You will have to restore the bootloader from the FYSETC github. Follow the directions at

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