Re: Target device not found #arduino

Dave Schwartz

The S6 wiki page shows which options to choose. The 'float' runtime library uses the on-chip FPU which is much faster than emulating floating point operations with integer arithmetic. Not using the 'float' library or the 'fastest' optimization means you are not getting the maximum performance that the processor is capable of.

I do not know why you were able to upload at least once in the past but not now. Obviously something in the environment has changed and it's almost impossible to diagnose that remotely but it has nothing to do with the OnStep software.

On August 4, 2022 5:53:03 p.m. EDT, Miguel Rivero <pilleway@...> wrote:
Dave I can tell you that I can run the board at this time but I can not update the board, I had opportunity to upload once but since then I can not! so Language I think is not an issue. bue lets see if we get a comment.
Regarding the Newlib Nano + Float..., what should I do with this, should I have to change from Default to any of the others (Print.. , scan .. print/scan or standard)?  (do not understand what it means).

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