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Dave Schwartz

There seems to have been a loss of information about the build options for the S6. It used to have its own page but has now been combined with others under the 3D Printer and Engraver boards section and the build options has been moved to a page (Uploading firmware) collecting tools settings for all the boards. The original page had a screen shot of all the settings but now the text description omits the optimization and runtime library settings. Not to say the defaults won't work, they just are not the best.

I don't think the board is damaged. The S6 doesn't have a USB-to-serial chip like some others because the chip is fast enough that the kernel can run it directly. So the same hardware that gives you the COM port should be in good shape to run the DFU mode.

On August 4, 2022 7:41:19 p.m. EDT, Miguel Rivero <pilleway@...> wrote:
Dave, thanks.
Yes something happen but I have started back again and can not have connection with the board, (Would I have damage the board somehow?)
Which S6 wiki page will have the selection for this applications you reffere, I have seen uploading firmware and do not see it. 
Would reseting the board will do any good, if yes how can be done?

One issue started because I do not have real time and date. and I being looking my self for few days and have goten me in to problems.
how can I start back from zero with my board? (reseting can be the way to go?)

Thankyou very much.

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