Re: C Code or Pseudocode for Pic or ARM ??

Mark Christensen

Yahoo TNC.

Please sign your emails with a name or at least a 'handle' as we who grew up with ham and CB radio used to call them.

There is nothing proprietary about either OnStep or Ardiuno.

Being a bit of a techno-snob I avoided Arduino for some time. But now I view it as a valid toolkit and it is not proprietary. Poorly documented sometimes, sure. And too cute by half. But not proprietary. I'm currently salvaging an electronic forcuser (actually two of them) which the maker will not repair. One of the simplest (limited by space) solution is a SEEEDUINO XIAO programmed as it happens, by Arduino. And it is based on an Atmel processor.

As I said earlier, one of the sources of complexity in Arduino it that it is not tied to a single processor board or architecture. To me that is a reasonable tradeoff. And some of the boards (like the MiniPCB2 and MaxiPCB) are completely documented (schematics and layout) on EasyEDA. So again, there are plenty of options that are not proprietary.

As to choosing technology based on future employment opportunities, well, I never bought into that when I was working (for 30+ years in aerospace electronics) and I certainly don't now that I am retired! 

Regarding Microchip's acquisition of Atmel, I see no sign of them orphaning to products. Merging them perhaps. But I think they are too smart to just orphan the architectures. If anything, I'd bet they'd blend the architectures.There are signs (if you read the spec sheets for their current offerings) that they are already doing that.


Mark Christensen

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