Help needed with EQ 3-2 mount conversion to onstep.With SynScan motors and gears.


Hi i am Jozsef.

I had a Synscan pro goto upgrade kit for my mount that has let out the magic smoke.So i tought i would finish my build of the bluepill kit and easily can use the motors alredy mounted from the synscan kit.
Wel can use sure but not easily haha i seem to have a problem with goto s ang alignment. Everytime i initiate a go to dec is off by quiet a margin 15 -20 degrees sometimes, sometimes it is pretty good.
These are my numbers from the config file:
34.666,667 200 64 7,50 130,00
25.422,222 200 128 5,50 65,00
I know using high microstepping is not advised but otherwise the resolution is gonna drop low under the advised number.

So i think motors are connected OK.
Slewing working nothing stalls slipps.
Site set up with my time zone, date set.
If anybody have an idea would be welcome because i am starting to reach the point where i can not think of anything that can cause this wierd behaviour.

Sorry my english spelling is terrible.

Greeting Jozsef

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