Re: C Code or Pseudocode for Pic or ARM ??

Howard Dutton

On Thu, Aug 4, 2022 at 12:18 PM, Yahoo TNC wrote:
I don't know anything about Arduino except glancing over the shoulder of someone who was showing me "how C-Like" the Arduino proprietary code is.
Again, not proprietary.  It's just an additional pre-processor that basically takes main() and turns it into a run once function setup(); and a function that loops, loop();  It also adds a file extension .ino where all .ino files are merged into one then handed to the compiler so beginners have it easy.  Also, some special sub-directory handling for source code and libraries.  And finally, there is the Arduino.h library (automatically brought in) that provides a host of standardized functions that you can count on always being there on any platform (and there are many micro-controllers supported.)  Within that framework any C/C++ code will work. There was a time when some C/C++ features were broken but AFAIK those days are long gone.

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