Please help! Goto/alignment not working correctly


Really struggling with my Wemos D1 R32 rebuild. Have done this before but far from being an expert.
Previous Wemos D1 R32 had bluetooth issues, so I ordered a new board, plius a ESP8266 board so I could run SWS.
All connectivity issues seem to be resolved.
But I can't get Goto/Align to work properly. I have attached some screenshots and config.h
But basically, if I try to either do a Star Align (through Android app) or Goto via Stellarium on Windows, say to Caph or Deneb, it does a Goto but doesnt get far enough, say Caph is approx 30 degrees east of Polaris, it makes it less than half way.
If I try to use the cursor controls I can go further, but plate solving and resync (sharpcap) fails.
It seems like the mount doesn't think it is where it actually is.
Please see attadhed files. 
I have added my location (I'm in UK west of Greenwich so have tried to enter my details in the app, Ascom driver and also the SWS)
As I'm West of Greenwich shouldn't my longitude begin with a minus? In the App, SWS and Ascom driver it says West is plus, but I belive this not to be correct? Tried with both +/- and neither works.
Also, when pointing to home postition, its says my RA is around 13-14 hours (this seems to fluctuate). Polaris should be at 02 31 49.09456 +89 15 50.7923, so clearly my RA is way off, Dec seems ok.
Can anyone seem to see whats going on and how to fix please? Tearing my hair out
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