Re: Connecting focuser to NINA

Mike Ahner

On Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 04:06 PM, <matija.cecelja@...> wrote:
im using Bluepill and focuser driver is DRV8825.

is there something wrong in the configuration?
Hi matija
It's always better to copy and paste your config.h rather than use a picture. Pictures take up extra storage on the OnStep site and bump off older images.

I have a Bluepill and I run a focuser, my config is very similiar to yours, so I don't think your config is wrong. You mentioned you tried without DC mode (like mine) but no result. One thing you haven't mentioned are the jumpers beneath the driver socket, you must jumper the microstep rate you want to use.

There is a chart in the assembly instructions, but here is a copy paste:
J4A, J4B and J4C are used to set the microstep configuration of the focuser motor driver according to the following:
Microstep J4A J4B J4C
Full step off off off
½ step on off off
¼ step off on off
⅛ step on on off
1/16 step off off on
1/32 step on off on
1/64 step (LV8729 only) off on on
1/128 step (LV8729 only) on on on

Does it make sense? You can check the assembly instructions for the BluePill for a better diagram.
I'm not sure if this would keep the Ascom driver from working but as others have said, you can make sure it works via other means.

Good luck!
-Mike Ahner

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