Re: Issue with uploading OnStep to BP

Mike Ahner

On Mon, Sep 5, 2022 at 12:56 AM, <matija.cecelja@...> wrote:
Im assuming that Onstep should run on its own if Wemos is not connected, but its not.
Hi Matija,

As Robert mentioned, you should verify any solder changes you made to be sure they are good. But before you clean the whole board, I would suggest checking to see if OnStep is working without the Wemos. I don't use OnStepX so I can help there, but I think it's pretty big for STM32F103, so for that you need to stay with 4.24x. Also check to be sure you're using STM32Duino Board Manager verion 1.9.0 (even though it's deprecated).

OnStep will run without the Wemos but to test it you have to use the serial monitor inside of Arduino IDE. Just send this command and see if you get a response from Onstep. Note the colon is part of the command. There are other commands you can use, check the Wiki. Just send the 5 characters.

Get firmware name :GVP# Reply: On-Step# 

Try with either or both MPUs. If IC2 is finding the eeprom that isn't an issue. Date and time problem could be a bad RTC, but you don't need the RTC for OnStep to work, only the eeprom. You can turn off

It could be the Wemos is the issue, if OnStep is working otherwise.

Good luck!

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