Re: Lost Steps: Square vs Pulse


On Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 03:59 PM, Peter Boreland wrote:
The guide chart I posted was with 32 microsteps, 0.9 degree stepper, and spike  looks to be 4.5. Do you concur? Your response was a bit ambiguous?.
Here's my reasoning, correct me if I am wrong:  You are running at 32 microsteps so one microstep is 0.9*3600/(32*360)=0.28125", and 4.5" is 16 times that.  That's why it seemed to me like it got stuck for 16 microsteps then caught up again, for each spike.  The 3600 in the numerator is degrees to arc seconds, and the 360 in the denominator is the G11 worm reduction factor.

Yes it will be good if you can confirm this in your testing. I'll email my config.h file.  What is your timeframe? I have product going out the door quite soon. 
I first have to make the harness, and those Nema23s are a lot heavier than the Nema17s so my use of metal epoxy may fail.  Once I have it ready, I will let you know but first I want to see how the Nema17s perform in the one-piece worm configuration.

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