Re: Wemos R32 with CNC V3 over Ethernet #wemos

George Cushing

I have them for the D1-R32/Hujer controllers I'm building for sale. Someone in the group wants one, with or without parts, just contact me.

When the BluePill went away, there really was no kit that filled the price range under $40. I also got a number of folks pleading total lack of capability to assemble a kit. Guess that dads didn't let them borrow their 300A Weller soldering guns to assemble Heathkits. The D1-R32/Hujer looked like something that would go together quickly and meet this need. I also notice folks having a lot of questions and problems trying to push the envelope of the D1-R32/CNCv3 beyond a simple goto controller. For some it might be educational and fun, but others seemed to just be trying to deal with budget issues.

I felt that $27 would cover my costs, get me a little for my time and help those with a tight budget. Adding the ESP8266 node 1 for WiFi and a RTC I pushed the price to $35. It takes me about 30-45 minutes to assemble one, but I usually sit down and build 5 in stages. Then I check them before they are shipped.

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