Re: OnStep to Servo or External Step/Dir drive

Dave Cook

Watching this with interest.  I'm re-motoring some older Byers drives into the modern world - I also found the Stepperonline 16-bit servos (note that per spec they only support 32k actual resolution though) and am thinking of giving them a whirl since they're much less expensive than DMM/Clearpath.  You need 300-500KHz pulses to drive them full rate so we're definitely in Teensy-land.  My fallback would be some of the small DMM 60V servos which would be fantastic, as well as 65% faster than the Stepperonline ones.  I integrated much larger DMM servos on my CNC mill conversion and they have been nearly flawless, but I think a lot of people would appreciate a sub $100 per channel option.

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