Re: Android App


At some point I had similar issue: after phone firmware update, I couldn't connect to OnStep via bluetooth anymore, but unlike you, I couldn't connect neither OnStep app nor Stellarium+ but the issue was resolved after deleting bluetooth device and pairing again on android phone. But I never could use two apps at the same time. The way I used this is connect OnStep app first, conduct initial setup and alignment, then disconnect OnStep App and connect Stellarium+ afterwards. Whichever app connect first (usually OnStep App), it locks bluetooth serial resource and other apps can't use it.

WiFi (if you have SWS):
There are two different telnet command channels on two different ports, both enabled by default:
9999/tcp - Asynchronous, allow multiple simultaneous connections, usually used for connecting OnStep App and/or wSHC and/or ASCOM/INDI driver on PC, etc, but Stellarium+ is not working with this, since it require persistant connection.
9996 to 9998/tcp - Persistent, allow single connection per port only and meant to be used for Stellarium+. When Stellarium connects to one of these ports, no other client apps can be connected to same port. For example, if you connect OnStep App to 9998 port for some reason, Stellarium won't be able to connect to the same port (9998).

Great, although not cheap alternative to Stellarium+ is SkySafari Pro.

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