Re: Teensy 4.1 vs. ESP32

Howard Dutton

On Thu, Nov 24, 2022 at 03:04 AM, Peter Boreland wrote:
1. Sidereal tracking accuracy?

2. Slewing rates?
I'd call it Step rates, but basically, Yes.  Only matters in practice if you can't microstep mode switch.

3. Step to step accuracy?
Yes, but I'd say you'll never notice it in use except that slews might be a bit rougher (which can limit speeds) on an ESP32... especially if WiFi or Bluetooth are enabled.

4. Ability to microstep without losing steps (16 seems to the the upper limit)?
5. Relative performance of pulse vs square  #define STEP_WAVE_FORM? (Pulse does not loose steps while square does at 16 microsteps using the MaxESP32)?
These fall into the categories of misconceptions and/or bugs that may or may not have already been fixed.

I'll add that responsiveness in OnStepX should be better with a T4.1 than ESP32 as commands are processed faster.
Another example the sidereal clock ticks are 5x faster on a T4.1 (at the 0.015 arc-second scale.)
And the motion controller supervisor operates at 5x shorter timing intervals so it's more responsive as well (rate changes for guiding, acceleration, etc.)

Really don't get me wrong the ESP32 is good enough to make an excellent controller, but it is not a T4.1

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