Re: brand new to this stuff, need starting advice


I just ordered a bunch of parts. Teensy 3.2, TMC 2100 drivers because the 2130 are out of stock everywhere, wifi, 20 teeth and 40 teeth pulleys (6.0mm they are coming from China so....that will be a while), Nema 17 motors, and an electronics kit since I have nothing. PLus some other parts like the power jack etc. 
At 52 YO, I guess I can learn electronics :) 
I did take apart the whole mount and clean it, re grease, polish etc. I needed to use two hands to turn the RA before this, it was bad. I'll take apart again and use better grease before final upgrade. 
I will be back in a few days when I realize I have no idea where to start!! 
Luckily, I also have access to a very good high school that has a robotics program. Those smart teenagers will help me :) 

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