Re: Understanding settings on config files

Chris Vaughan

Thanks Howard. That makes sense to even me. I have been using the beta, so will have a look at the alpha – but the config generator doesn’t seem to make an _SPI mode for the 2130. I probably wouldn't be fiddling with all of this right now, but I'm still waiting on pulleys from ebay to get my EQ5 ONSTEPed. After breadboarding I've used the miniPCB from easyEDA (v1.27). Its working beautifully. I started with the DRV8825, then the TMC2100



Had some problems with the TMC2130, until I realized that my ebay ones has the solder-jumper connected. Once disconnected SPI was fine with:



#define AXISn_STEP_GOTO 1



And works well with AXISn_MODE 3 for spreadCycle.

Again, thanks. This is a great project. If my arduino coding was better I'd help. Maybe when I figure out how to use .h files etc.
I have an arudino automated dew heater controller that can be raided, if that is of any help to the project eventually


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