Re: MKS Gen L build

Rick Foust

Thank you for the compliments Khalid.  And thank you for pointing out that the S109s are available.  They were just what I needed for this build.  After I have had a little more time with them I will provide an update in one of the other threads.  Meanwhile, we are having an unusually wet fall/winter.

If anyone is curious about what kind of images can be taken with a 16in Newt, I have posted occasionally over on the Cloudy nights EAA forum. 

I can't thank you guys enough for developing OnStep.  It has brought new life to a retired mount that was probably cutting edge in its day, but until OnStep, was like bass fishing from a tug boat.  I paid a ridiculously low price for it because it has a home made look to it.  No-one, myself included, expected it to be much more than a boat anchor.  Once I had a chance to take it apart, I discovered what a gem it is.  It is well designed and precisely fabricated.  It just needed a new up to date controller.

Now that I can control it remotely, I went ahead and built a warm room in the hangar.  I am really looking forward to putting it to use if the weather will ever clear up!!!

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