Can an idiot repair a stepper

Chris Vaughan

I got an EQ5 mount with some sort of NEMA14 stepper motors that was missing a controller. You couldn't ask for a better buy to do onstep.
I've built the mini PCB (currently using TMC2100s) and have installed the alpha version of onstep. It was all working beautifully - just had to box the PCB.

And then while I was cleaning and re-lubing the mount I dropped one of the stepper motors onto a concrete floor. It still works but its very noisy. I'd just replace the stepper, but I'm using the gear system in the EQ5 and the stepper has a small cog attached to its round shaft. I'm not sure how these cogs attach to the shaft. Also I've only got spare steppers that have a D-shaped shafts.

Can these be steppers be opened up and maybe repaired? I'm reading conflicting things on other forums.

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