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Single Truss OnStep Dobsonian Telescope 11 messages By tnut55 ·
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FYSETC S6 Mount control via USB and Wifi not working 7 messages By Sebastian Hessel ·
Tandem Mount 7 messages By Rafael Barberá Córdoba ·
Fans & Leds 12 messages By Juan Sebastian ·
TMC2130 V1.0 (FYSETC brand) on FYSETC S6 7 messages By Brian Davis ·
lx200 classic (broken electro) to onStep transform 26 messages By George Cushing ·
Fysetec S6 V2.0 error 14 messages By Szasa66 ·
ESP8266 does not light when tx pin is connected to rx on S6 12 messages By Juan Sebastian ·
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