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A forum to share ideas, experiences, and information for implementing the OnStep telescope mount goto controller.
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  • Observatory Control System
    Observatory Control System The OnCue OCS (Observatory Control System) ( ) should be of help to capable DIY'ers who want to automate small observatories. It's based on using an inexpensive and easy to work with Arduino Mega2560 (w/Ethernet Shield) to control some relays and sense switch closures and analog inputs (and operate weather sensors which are usually on an I2C bus if present.) The OCS hooks up to your wired LAN (router, etc.) and provides a web-site which can monitor/control power, heating and cooling systems, lighting, roll-off roof/dome shutter, and also monitor weather conditions. There are currently two (optional) ASCOM drivers for your Windows PC that can connect to the OCS via. the USB/Serial interface or *IP (internet) connections*. They are shareware and are available for a small fee to support the development of this OCS. These allow ASCOM aware applications to monitor and respond to the safety status. If an "UNSAFE" condition is detected (power failure, too cloudy, too windy, or raining) the telescope can be parked (if necessary) and the roof closed... all automatically... Purchase the OCS ASCOM drivers. ( ) All panels except the "Status" panel are optional, and most items on the panels can be disabled if you're not using them.
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