Minipcb 2 pcbs available.

John Scherer

I have three extra minipcb 2s available for the asking.  Just let me know.

bjaffa Jaffa


I would be interested in one if they are still available. But let me
reimburse you for the cost & postage.


John Scherer

Just let me know where to send the board Brent.  Its just a small PCB so shipping is cheap.  

Pedro Fernandes

Hi John,

When is it sent to Lisbon, Portugal?
What is the version of the board?

John Scherer

minipcb 2s”.  Email me the shipping address 

Dennis Hurlbut

I have 3 spares available also, and provided all my testing works well, I will have 4. Start with John's, and if he's out, email me. I also likely can include a full set of resistors. They came in 100 packs.