Considering selling my CG11 with Onstep Max

John Scherer

As always Howard, if this post is a problem, just let me know and I'll remove it:

I've been lamenting over this for a few months now and I think I'd like to test the waters.  What I've got:

  • Celestron/Losmandy CG11 mount converted to Onstep.  400 steps/r motors on RA/DEC  Encoder mounted on RA for PEC  It still has some bugs to work out but I suspect that won't be too hard to figure out.  Mostly software at this point I suspect.
  • Upgraded One Piece Worm block and worm
  • Upgraded Losmandy G-11 SPDV saddle plate. Accepts both D and V series dovetail plates.
  • Losmandy Ra Extension kit which allows for meridan flip.
  • Onstep MaxPCB assembled and functional and enclosed in the enclosure recommended in the WIKI, along with 3d printed front and rear covers. TMC2130 on RA/DEC
  • A built SHC but no enclosure as of yet.
I'm not excited about selling this.  I think the work Howard and others here have accomplished are truly spectacular.  But my wife and I are traveling around the USA in our 40' motorhome, and try as I might but not having a workshop and bench space or the time to work on this project, has proven to be quite frustrating.  Also, I'm not interested in shipping this setup, just too much risk,  but we will be back in the San Diego area on November 14th, so if you live in an area within reasonable distance to me, that would be ideal.  If you have any interest, let me know..  We are currently traveling along the Oregon coast and presently in Garibaldi until Friday, at which point we head to Newport for 7 days.  So if your in the area and have and interest, reach out.

John Scherer

Just a quick update, wife and I made it back to San DIego, CA a bit earlier than planned so I'm now in a better position to deal with this.  If there is any interest in this lets talk.

John Scherer

I should also add that I'd be willing to trade/partial trade for a much lighter mount (GM-8, Celestron AVX). 

John Scherer

I should mention that I did sell this mount and the associated Onstep MaxPCB2 to a gentleman from Oregon, Bryce Brady.  I believe he recently joined this group.  Bryce is now back home with his G11 and I'm now the owner of a much lighter, GM-8, and will be doing an Onstep conversion to this mount as well.  Thanks for a smooth transaction Bryce!

George Cushing

Just sold my GM-8's 492 box and cables for $150, so I'll be interested in following you progress.